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Garðskagi Point is one of the best bird watching locations in Iceland, some say in Europe. The rich and fruitful sea provides plenty of food and many of the migrating species stop and rest there on  their way to far away places around the Atlantic Ocean.
Spring is a very good time for bird watching and so is summer and fall. Many of the Icelandic bird species can be observed at and around Garðskagi Point, some up close around the Old Lighthouse.

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Sea life

The mild climate and the rich fishing grounds make Garðskagi an ideal place to get in close contact with the the sea and its wonders. The fishing in Garðsjór, east of the point, attracts many ships and boats which can be seen fishing a short distance from shore often in the company of whales that are there for the same reason. It is also a great food source for the countless birds living in the area.

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Whales & Seals

Sea mammals, whales and seals, are plentiful around Garðskagi Point. Minke whales and Humpback whales  are a common sight close to the coast and Killer whales and Pilot whales are also be seen regularly. Dolphins are common too but are more difficult to spot from land due to their smaller size. Seals are often very close to shore. They are curious creatures and some watch the people ashore with great interest.


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