Lighthouse Shows

The new lighthouse, built in 1944 is the biggest in Iceland. It is a five floor building with a 360 degree lookout platform at the top. It is a beautiful building and each floor is a great space for specially arranged exhibitions. Visitors can take their time climbing to the top and view our shows on their way.

Current exhibitions:

Icelandic Whales

Northern Lights

Northern Lights

Northern Lights are one of the worlds most beautiful phenomenon and Garðskagi is one of best places to see Northern Lights during winter.

In our Northern Lights Show the sun, the solar wind and how the charged particles from the Sun travel to Earth and form the Northern Lights are explained. Locations, myths, believes, height, color and the science behind the lights are all presented with excellent illustrations and photographs in a fantastic showroom within the biggest lighthouse in Iceland.


Icelandic Whales

Whales are often around Garðskagi Point and can regularly been seen from shore. Our new Icelandic Whale Show with beautiful paintings by Jón Baldur Hlíðberg, one of the world's best in his field. Combined with interesting facts about each species.​ With a little bit of luck some of those whales can be spotted from the Röstin Restaurant balcony, Old Lighthouse Cafe or the lighthouse top balcony.


Garðskagi ehf

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