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Garðskagi Museum

The museum was first opened in November 1995 in the old outhouses where the heritage museum is now. It also has a maritime museum with four interesting shows and an outstanding engine collection of Guðni Ingimundarson, the last lighthouse keeper of Garðskagaviti Lighthouse. 

It is a great museum that tells the story of fishing and the life of the people in the community. 


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Maritime Museum

Boats, models, machines, fishing tackle,navigation equipment and other items related to sailing, fishing and the fishing industry you will find in this part of the Museum. The most interesting object is the six-oared-boat Fram which was built in 1887 in the shape called Engeyjarlag. This boat marks the beginning of the fishery of Gunnar Hámundarson GK 354, founded in 1911, now the oldest working fishing company in Iceland. Garður was the home port for all the boats in the museum for many years. 

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Engine Collection

We have the largest collection of engines in Iceland, containing of 60 different ones. Surface ignition machines were the first ones used in boats in Iceland, the first being Möllerup, used in a boat from Ísafjörður 1902. The most spectacular one is probably the Benz diesel car engine which is believed to be one of the first to arrive in the country in 1934. Mr Guðni Ingimundarson from Garðstaðir has put all the engines and machines in working order and now they are exposed in our museum to the public view.

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Heritage Museum

Here you will see how most of the local households looked like in the first part of the 20th century. You will see objects used for farming and how they had been replaced by complicated machinery like tractors. Many households had sewing and knitting machines as most of the clothing was made at home, used, reused, fixed, and packed. Also, music instruments were quite common. You will see real objects, tools, and equipment used by locals.


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