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Restaurant Röstin on the second floor of the Heritage and Maritime Museum of Garðskagi is a brand new restaurant that offers great burgers, seafood, chicken, lamb and more for a very reasonable price. Its only about 20 m from the coast and has fantastic view of the ocean. Great place to watch beautiful sunsets in the summer or to have a nice meal while waiting for the Northern Lights in the winter. 

Opening hours: 12.00 - 20.30




Icelandic plate

2 kinds of Icelandic bread, salmon, herring, mustard dill, butter and pickles

Icelandic cheese plate

Choice of 4 Icelandic cheese: tindur, ostur, havarti, godostur, grapes, olives

Röstin fish soup

Soup of the day


Cesar salad

Mix of salads, cherry tomatoes, Anchovies, Roasted seeds, Grana Padano cheese, Cesar dressing

+ Grilled chicken optional

Spicy Ginger Salad

Mix of salads, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, tortilla chips, spicy dressing

+ Grilled chicken optional

Anchor 1



American style Röstin burger

Hamburger with cheese, onion rings, mushrooms, bacon, fresh vegetables, pickles, french fries and spicy ginger salad

Chicken burger

Grilled chicken upper leg with cheese, tomato, bacon, mushrooms, garlic-chive sauce, french fries, spicy ginger salad

Grilled lamb chops

Fire roased lamb chops with crispy potato boats and pikle sauce


Deep fried cod with fries and spicy ginger salad

Plokkfiskur – hashed fish

Fish stew gratin with Bearnaise sause, rye bread, butter, Rostin mushroom souce, spicy ginger salad


3 Falafels, small ball of hummus, tzatziki, fresh salad with balsamico and lemon



Caramel delight

Caramel mousse with whipped cream, strawberries and chocolate sauce

Ice cream

Vanilla ice cream with whipped cream, berries and chocolate sauce


Röstin waffles

Whole waffle with blueberry jam, whipped cream and chocolate sauce


Freshly made cakes





Gull lager, Tuborg Classic amber lager, Bríó, Snorri Icelandic Ale, Úlfur IPA, Guinnes.



Gin & Tonic, Mohjito, Screw driver, Aperol Spritz

None alcaholic

Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Appelsín Orange Soda, 7up, Pilsner, Maltöl, Sparkling water, Orange Juice, Apple Juice.

We are open from 12:00 to 20:30 every day.

(except Mondays in November through March).

Groups can book in advance for up to 80 people.

In case of group bookings larger than 10-12 people, please book your meal a few days ahead of your arrival. 

Contact us at:

+354 422 7220 / +354 893 8909
for more information and bookings.

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