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The Rich Sea

Garðskagi point is where two strong ocean currents converge. This is where the Gulf Stream and the current that circles the Faxaflói Bay collide and form the powerful and dangerous current convergence known as "Garðskagaröstin". The strong currents also contribute in making the sea around Garðskagi such rich fishing grounds that's been the foundation of survival for its people through the ages.

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The beaches around Garðskagi work like a magnet on our visitors. On one side there is a typical rocky beach commonly found around Iceland and on the other a rare, yellow sand beach. Then there is the foreshore "Flösin", a mile long rocky point, visible only during low tide. It has been the last stop for many ships through the ages but also is an essential part of the diverse Garðskagi ecosystem.

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Garðskagi Beaches

Garðskagi convergence

Garðskagaröstin, the strong current convergence, stretches out for miles from Garðskagi Point. It is notorious for its rough sea and unpredictable breaking waves. It has claimed many lives and Garðskagi Point is probably the most dangerous coastal area in Iceland in terms of stranded ships, which have been many through the years. The surf around Garðskagi Point can be terrifying and magnificent to watch, especially where it forms in the convergence. A reminder of how small we are against the forces of nature.


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