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Beautiful sunsets

The sunsets at Garðskagi attract a lot of people that enjoy the open view of the ocean and the picturesque scenery of two great lighthouses, beautiful beaches, Mt. Snæfellsjökull volcano and the Snæfellsnes Mountain Range in the distance. During summer the golden sunset light lasts a long time, especially when the sun only goes under for an hour or two. At such times it is sometimes possible to enjoy the sunset and the sunrise as one continuous experience throughout the night.

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Ocean view

With almost 300 degrees of unobstructed ocean view Garðskagi is a fabulous place to catch the beautiful sunsets. Also, Garðskagi being one of the premier bird watching locations in the country there is plenty to see, with seals and whales often completing the experience along with a fleet of fishing boats that regularly fish the rich fishing grounds "Garðsjór" just a few hundred meters off the coast. And in case of foul weather there's the surf, which can be an experience in itself to watch.

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Sunset festival

To celebrate the brightest days of the year and the beautiful sunsets at Garðskagi, The Sunset Festival is held each year on the last weekend in June. There are many interesting events and happenings on the agenda. Concerts both inside and outside, guided historic walks, programs on the outside stage and more. Then there are the museum and lighthouses to explore. Something for everyone to have a nice time on their visit to Garðskagi.


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